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Our Tips for a Successful Event!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Hosting a Pin-Ups on Tour Event and don’t know where to start? Here are some practical tips to help get the word out in your community. Every town is different, but these tips and tricks have proven helpful over the past 5 years of touring!

#1. Connect with us on social media. Pin-Ups on Tour creates a Facebook event for every show - click “going” and be sure to invite your friends on the platform. It is a great and no-cost tool to help spread the word! Sharing our videos and posts leading up to the event also helps build excitement. We send you a digital version of the flyer ahead of time as well - feel free to use this on Instagram, Twitter, and in your email newsletters.

#2. Word of mouth is powerful. Leading up to the event, be sure to talk about it at your meetings and give updates. This is a team effort to get the community involved. We send hard copy posters & tickets to your venue in advance to help share the world with the less tech-savvy folks.

PRO TIP: Email, call &/or text your local contacts about a week before to remind them of the event!

#3. You know your town. Our team reaches out to the local press, pin-up groups, and Veteran organizations - however, you know your town far better than we do! If you have tips on local radio shows, reporters, or businesses that may like to get involved - please let us know! We are also happy to reach out.

#4. Many hands make light work. Our show is pretty turn-key but if you have a committee at your venue or volunteers to help to handle the promotion & set up, it can be helpful.

#5. Remind people of the cause. Our events are so much fun - but at the heart of what we do is our work with Veterans inside our nations VA Hospitals & Nursing Homes. By joining our event - you are joining our mission to make Veterans Smile.

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